At ReRoot, we stand behind the high-quality products and tools that we make. If any product of ours proves to be defective before or after being subject to normal wear and tear, we will gladly complete the necessary repair work to fix the issue. If a simple repair can not be made, we will offer a replacement of the same product.

That being said, returns and replacements will be considered on a case by case basis. We make tools and goods that are intended to be used, and each product has an intended purpose for its use. If tools and goods are used for a far-fetched unintended purpose and damaged as a result of user error and/or neglect, then we will likely not replace the items.

*All products are hand-made. From time to time they may have minor surface imperfections such as nicks, small scratches, slight unevenness, etc. Don't worry though, these slight imperfections won't affect the performance of the tools. Plus, we think small imperfections give character and beauty.


Example of legitimate repair/replacement scenarios:

  • You are cutting rope, fabric, whittling wood, or cutting food items with your knife and your blade bends, breaks, or shatters.

  • Your knife handle de-laminates for no apparent reason, without being soaked in water.

  • Your product arrives damaged.

Example of illegitimate repair/replacement scenarios:

  • You use your knife as you would use a hammer, and it breaks.

  • You leave your knife soaking in water, and damage to the knife results.

  • You leave your tool outside for years and it gets rusty.

  • You put your knife on or in a heat source.

  • You cut yourself.

  • You lose your tool.