Lawnmower Chef's Knife

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The Lawnmower Chef's Knife is made from a used lawnmower blade. This particular knife still has the mounting holes visible. This chunk of high-carbon tool steel has been given a second life, and a new chance as a slicing, dicing, and chopping tool in your personal or professional kitchen. You could even cut some grass with it, if you want to.

The steel has been annealed, hardened, and carefully tempered to give this blade a hard edge with superior flexibility. The blade has been forge finished with a patina on the steel, which helps prevent further corrosion of the steel over time, and helps to keep too many vegetables from sticking to the blade. The knife has a hidden, half tang construction. The handle is made of Wolf Lichen and Cherry wood from a Cherry Orchard in Mosier, OR. The lichen was found in the eastern Cascade mountains, and is now encased in resin. A ridge pattern was filed into the belly of the handle to give some texture for handling and a nice looking half-tone effect. It has also been coated in a satin lacquer.

*Blade is sharpened with a steep convex grind and a secondary bevel.

Cutting Edge: 60-63 HRC

Blade is approximately 1/8” thick, 2” deep, and 6 ½ ” long. Entire knife is roughly 11”.

*purchase includes knife.