Conifer Fire Starter

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Fire starters are what you carry into the wild when you are preparing for the unknown. These wild places write the rules on unknowns. A gas-fueled lighter can create a quick flame most of the time, but its fuel is finite and no one knows when that flint and inner spring will give out. Plus, have you ever gotten a lighter wet?

This conifer fire starter is a simple, but unique design. It's made from a cut off of western red cedar, a ferrocerium rod, and a striker that is made from a hacksaw blade and attached with a length of 550 nylon paracord. The best part of this Cedar fire starter is what's hiding inside! The Cedar handle has been hollowed out and fitted with a screw-on cap. We've stuffed the handle with shredded birch bark for those times when you can't find bone-dry tinder in the wild. The steel cap is also packed with a glob of conifer pitch from the Pacific Northwest – mostly Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. A small bead of this pitch will catch a small flame instantly and burn in a frenzy for twenty seconds or so. Additional pitch can be found on already wounded conifer trees which drip an incredibly sticky milky sap. Please don't go injuring trees just to collect pitch.

*This ferrocerium fire rod will work when wet and can last well over a hundred fires.

*Purchase includes fire starter, striker/parachord, cap filled with conifer pitch, and chamber filled with birch bark shavings.