Chef's Machete IV

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The Chef's Machete is made from a used lawnmower blade. This chunk of high-carbon tool steel has been given a second life, and a new chance as a slicing, dicing, and chopping tool in your personal or professional kitchen. You could even cut some grass with it, if you wanted to.

The steel has been annealed, hardened, and carefully tempered to give this blade a hard edge with superior flexibility. The blade has also been force-etched to create a patina on the steel, which helps prevent further corrosion of the steel over time. The blade boasts a full tang construction. Its live edge handle is made from a stabilized Maple Burl, salvaged from the cold waters of Siletz Bay, Oregon. Some natural spalting has occurred. The wood has been pinned to the blade with steel pins – one of which is hollow, with a inner diameter of ¼”.

*Blade is sharpened with a steep convex grind.

Cutting Edge: 55-58 HRC

Blade is approximately 3/16” thick, 2 ¼” deep, and 6 ½ ” long. Entire knife is roughly 10 ½”.

Caring for knife:
Keep the knife as dry as possible. Do not soak in water. When finished cutting something wet or washing blade, dry with a soft cloth. Small amounts of mineral oil should occasionally be wiped onto blade and other natural oils worked into handle. After wiping excess oil from handle, buffing a small amount of beeswax onto the wood will help to protect and extend its life.

*You have the option to buy the knife alone, or to purchase it with its own custom box.
The box is made of black walnut and oak. It has been glued together and pinned with bamboo toothpicks. The RR monogram on the box lid is an inlay Epoxy and Wolf Lichen from the east side of the Cascade mountains. Inside, the knife rests on a layer of brown felt.