Bastard (Cotton Webbing)

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The Bastard is made from a used single-cut bastard file. This file was originally used for removing fine materials from objects in woodworking, metalworking, and in similarly related trades and hobbies. Now, the tool has been given a second life, and a new chance as a rugged hand tool. The cuts of the file are still intact on the knife's blade and are quite functional for any filing purposes you can imagine - like filing your nails on the trail.

The blade boasts a full-tang construction. The steel has been annealed, shaped, hardened, and tempered to give the blade incredible durability as a working tool. The blade has also been force-etched to create a patina on the steel's surface, which helps prevent further corrosion over time.

The handle is made from strips of cotton webbing that have been dyed with turmeric and laminated with clear resin. The handle is pinned to the blade with steel pins – one of which is hollow, with a inner diameter of 3/8” - perfect for hanging or tying a lanyard through.

The knife comes with a custom leather sheath made from the scraps of a horse saddle. The sheath is created from a single piece of leather, which has been riveted together, waxed, and stitched by hand with waxed linen.

Overall Length: 7.5″
Blade Length: 3.75″
Thickness: roughly 3/16 ″
Steel: Full Tang, High Carbon, 60-65 HRC
Finish: Forge finish/ force etched
Blade Depth: roughly 7/8 ″
Grind: Flat to convex
Weight: 4.5 oz.

Caring for knife:
Keep the knife as dry as possible. Do not soak in water. When finished cutting something wet or washing blade, dry with a soft cloth. Small amounts of mineral oil should occasionally be wiped onto blade. Handle is protected with a clear satin lacquer.

*Purchase includes knife and leather sheath.