Our early ancestors designed tools like these and tested their effectiveness over tens of thousands of years. Early arrowheads and spearpoints were made using a variety of available materials, including stone, bone, and different types of alloys. The Neo-Point is a humble nod to our ancestor's way of life. Without their ingenuity and unrelenting persistence, we would have ceased to exist long ago. We should be proud of our history and find a way to show gratitude to our roots.

The Neo-Point is both a form of ornament and a functional tool. It is made from a high carbon steel that was originally a lawnmower blade. The Neo-Point comes protected in a custom leather sheath made from the scraps of a horse saddle. The sheath is created from a single piece of leather which has been stitched by hand with waxed linen. A sturdy nickel snap ensures the point will stay secure while being protected within. The leather has also been waxed.

550 nylon parachord has been included so the Neo-point case can be worn as a necklace while in its sheath. The parachord can also be used to haft the Neo-point to a spear or knife handle.

*The edges of the spearpoint have been sharpened with a convex grind.

Dimensions: The Neo-Point measures 1/8” thick, 1” wide, and 3 1/2” long.

*Purchase includes point, leather sheath, and cordage.

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