Mouse Tail

Mouse Tail


The Mouse Tail is our take on a hand-forged classic. Recognized for its simplicity and minimalist design, this blade and wrapped handle are forged from a single piece of steel. This particular knife is forged from a slice off of an automobile leaf spring (from an old Ford truck).

The steel has been annealed, forged to shape, normalized, hardened, and tempered to give the blade incredible durability as a working tool. It has a forge-finished patina which helps prevent further corrosion over time.

The knife comes with a wooden sheath made from the scraps of an old Black Walnut tabletop. Designed to be worn as a necklace, the sheath is created from two pieces of wood, one of which is routered to the shape of the blade and inset with two very strong neodymium magnets. The two pieces are then epoxied together and fitted with a length of black paracord that is tied with an easily adjustable double fisherman’s knot.

This neck knife is a true balance of form of function. The beautiful wooden sheath will attract the attention of many eyes, and the hidden knife will serve as an incredibly useful and durable utility blade for everyday use.


Overall Length: ~5.5″
Blade Length: ~2.6″
Thickness: roughly 1/8 ″
Weight: ~3.2 oz. (knife and sheath)
Weight: ~1.5 oz. (knife only)
Steel: High Carbon Spring, 58-61HRC
Finish: Forge finish/ brushed steel
Blade Depth: roughly 7/8″
Grind: Scandi to convex

**Each "Mouse Tail" varies slightly in shape and size due to hand-forging.

Caring for knife: Keep the knife as dry as possible. Do not soak in water. When finished cutting something wet or washing blade, dry with a soft cloth. Small amounts of mineral oil should occasionally be wiped onto blade.

*Purchase includes knife, wooden sheath, and paracord.

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