Santoku Chef's Knife (Turmeric, Pepper, Rosemary Resin) II

Santoku Chef's Knife (Turmeric, Pepper, Rosemary Resin) II


The Santoku chef's knife is forged from a used lawnmower blade. This chunk of high-carbon tool steel has been given a second life, and a new chance as a slicing, dicing, and chopping tool in your personal or professional kitchen. You could even cut some grass with it - just watch out for rocks.

The steel has been annealed, forged, shaped, hardened, and carefully tempered - giving this blade a hard edge with great flexibility. The blade has a forge-finish and has also been force etched to introduce a patina to the steel - which helps prevent further corrosion of the steel over time. The texturing also helps to keep vegetables and other foods from sticking to the blade.

The handle is made from casting some herbs and spices into a clear resin. This knife includes crushed red pepper flakes, rosemary sprigs, and a generous dusting of cayenne pepper and turmeric. This casting is then laminated onto a piece of black acrylic, then glued and pinned through the steel tang of the knife. The handle has also been coated in multiple coats of clear satin lacquer.

Specs: Overall Length: 11″ Blade Length: 6.5″ Thickness: roughly .175″ Steel: Full Tang, High Carbon, 50-55 HRC Finish: Forge finish/ force etched Blade Depth: roughly 2″ Grind: Compound flat with flat micro bevel Weight: 9 Ounces

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