Paring Knife (Rebar)

Paring Knife (Rebar)


This all metal paring knife is forged from a chunk of #5 reinforcement bar (rebar for short). This chunk of high-carbon tool steel has been given a second chance as a slicing and dicing tool in your personal or professional kitchen.

The steel has been annealed, hardened, and carefully tempered to give this blade a hard edge with superior flexibility. The blade has also been force-etched to create a patina on the steel, which helps prevent further corrosion of the steel over time.

*Blade is sharpened with a flat to convex grind. Cutting Edge: 55-58 HRC Dimensions: Blade is approximately 1/8” thick, 1.5” deep, and 4 ” long. Entire knife is roughly 8”.

Caring for knife: Keep the knife as dry as possible. Do not soak in water. When finished cutting something wet or washing off blade, dry with a soft cloth. Small amounts of mineral oil should occasionally be wiped onto blade.

*Purchase includes knife.

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