Paring Knife (Coil Spring, Black Walnut)

Paring Knife (Coil Spring, Black Walnut)


This paring knife is forged from an automobile coil spring - which is part of the suspension system in all motorized vehicles. This one came from a Honda Civic. The steel has been annealed, forged, normalized, heat-treated, and tempered. The knife blade tapers nicely into an integrated bolster, fitting snugly to a handle made of scrap black walnut. The handle is fit by drilling a hole through the wood and then burning the tang all the way through - for an excellent custom fit on each knife. The knife is fit together in what is called a threaded through-tang construction and heavy duty epoxy. The pommel is made from a piece of discarded construction rebar, which is threaded to the knife tang.

The balance on these paring knives will give you an incredible feeling of control and confidence when putting them to use.

Overall length: ~ 7.5 -8 inches.

Blade length: ~ 3.5 - 4 inches

Bevels: Flat

Handle treatment: Oil and Beeswax

HRC ~ 60-62

*purchase includes knife

*knife may vary slightly from the knife pictured - this is due to hand forging of each product, and each one being one of a kind.

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