Cork Fire Starter

Cork Fire Starter


Fire starters are what you carry into the wild when you are preparing for the unknown. These wild places write the rules on unknowns. A gas-fueled lighter can create a quick flame most of the time, but its fuel is finite and no one knows when that flint and inner spring will give out. Plus, have you ever gotten a lighter wet?

This cork fire starter is a simple and unique design. It's made from a used wine cork, a ferrocerium rod, and a striker that is made from a hacksaw blade and attached with a length of 550 nylon paracord. The cork is hollowed out to fit the lanyard and the ferro-magnesium rod - which is fixed through a slice of walnut and cedar.

*This ferrocerium fire rod will work when wet and can last for hundreds of fires.

*Purchase includes fire starter and striker/paracord.

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