Conifer Fire Starter (Light Cedar)

Conifer Fire Starter (Light Cedar)


This Conifer Fire Starter is a simple, yet unique design. It’s made from a second-hand cut off of western red cedar that has been given an octagonal shape, a 5/16” ferrocerium rod, and a striker that is made from a pull-saw blade and attached with a length of 550 nylon paracord.

The best part of this fire starter is what's hiding inside! The Cedar handle has been hollowed out and fitted with a screw-on cap. We've stuffed the handle with shredded birch bark - our favorite source of natural tinder. This hollow chamber acts as a highly water-resistant compartment for tinder storage - for what we’ve supplied you and for whatever your prefered source of tinder may be. The steel cap is also packed with a glob of conifer pitch from the Pacific Northwest – mostly made from Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. A small bead of this pitch will catch a small flame instantly and burn in a frenzy for twenty seconds or so.

*each ferrocerium rod comes with a black coating to protect from corrosion. Before using the firestarter you will need to scrape away some of this coating to expose the metal underneath.

*This ferrocerium fire rod will work when wet and can last for hundreds of fires.

Overall weight: 3.75oz.

*Purchase includes fire starter, striker/parachord, cap filled with conifer pitch, and chamber filled with birch bark shavings.

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