Yes, please – we love doing custom work! It’s the perfect opportunity to create something meaningful, deeply personal and long-lasting. Plus – with your involvement, it already develops a unique story of its own.  If you have an idea that you want to talk to us about, please let us know.  Here are some of our favorite custom jobs from last year…


Knife Repair

Handle repair for a french Sabatier knife - going strong since the 1970s. Some smooth Ebony wood and copper pins.

Custom Mushroom Knife

Custom made mushroom knife - with a hybrid wood/cast resin handle, and an integrated cleaning brush.

Custom Camp Knives

Custom camp knives inspired by the American bowie. Made with tools given to me by a machinist - as gifts for his kids.


Examples of some custom orders:

  • You want a certain style of knife, with a different handle material than otherwise shown.

  • You want to purchase a knife to give someone as a gift, and you want to incorporate some unique materials of theirs into the construction.

  • You want to mix and match aspects of different knives.

  • You have an old tool or knife that you want rejuvenated!

  • You want someone’s name or initials burned into a wood handle.

  • Well, we'll pretty much do anything within reason.  Only our imaginations limit us.  Just ask!