ReRoot creates goods that get used doing the things we love and live for. Some of our favorite pastimes include cooking, eating, traveling, camping, exploring, putting down roots, planting, harvesting, building, and creating. Here is an array of products that were inspired, in part, by our dreams and ideals.


Kitchen Knives

Explore the varieties of knives that we’ve designed for your personal or professional kitchen. You’ll see chef’s knives, herb-choppers, Santokus, cleavers, and paring knives.


Camp Knives

All of our camp knives are designed for use on the go. Backcountry trips to cross-country road trips, these knives are ready for go where you go. Each knife comes with its own custom leather sheath.


Neck Knives

Our neck knives represent a balance of aesthetic beauty and everyday function. A cutting tool that is also a wearable piece of art, and there when you need it.



These fire starters are intended for camping and traveling. They are both a tool for survival and a perfect challenge for those looking to perfect the art of making fire.


Chopsticks & Utensils

Celebrate elegance and simplicity with our beautiful wood chopsticks and utensils. These tools help us to be patient, present and thoughtful - wherever and whenever we sit down to eat.

Knife Sharpeners

We utilize second hand ceramic tubes for our versatile knife sharpeners. Keep one in your kitchen or in your backpack, and you’ll always have a way to keep a fine edge on your favorite blades.