Wooden Butterknife (Rosewood)

Wooden Butterknife (Rosewood)


This knife is made from one solid piece of wood from the scrap mill ends of exotic Rosewood. Rosewood is an incredibly strong hardwood, but is often harvested unsustainably in the jungles where it grows naturally. We do not support the demolition of forests for the thrill of looking at exotic things. But seeing these dusty scraps made us want to use even the smallest bits of wood left from this beautiful tree. The deep burgundy handle boasts two copper pins – one of which is hollow, as a convenient way to hang the knife when not in use, or to tie some cordage through. The soft-slicer works perfectly for spreading jams, nut butters, hummus, avocados, and any other soft spreads you can think of. It also does a great job cutting through blocks of sharp cheddar cheese (insert your favorite cheese), butter, cherry tomatoes, leafy greens, green onions, and plenty of other vegetables that aren't too dense or fibrous.

Dimensions: Blade is approximately 1/8” thick, 1” deep, and 3” long. Entire knife is roughly 7”.

Caring for knife: Keep the knife as dry as possible. Do not soak in water. When finished cutting something wet or washing, dry with a soft cloth. Natural oil should occasionally be wiped onto knife and allowed to soak in. Wipe the excess oil from the wood and buff a small amount of beeswax into the wood. This will help to protect and prolong its life.

*To sharpen, use a smooth sharpening stone, or 400+ grit sandpaper. After sharpening, wipe clean, and then apply natural food-safe oils.

*Purchase includes knife.

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