Copper Spoon (Small ladle)

Copper Spoon (Small ladle)


These copper spoons would be most accurately described as small ladles. All ladles are indeed spoons, but not all spoons are ladles. Designs for ladles vary, but generally, they have a long handle that ends where a larger, deeper bowl begins. They are most commonly used for soups, stews, and sauces.

These spoons have a copper metal bowl that is made from an old neglected washbasin. Circular discs are cut out and re-formed by hammering the copper into a concave surface. This creates the bowl while preserving the beautiful patina already on the copper. The handle is made from some mild steel that is heated and hammered over an anvil surface. Once both parts are shaped the handle is affixed to the copper bowl using two copper rivets and a ball-peen hammer.

Handle length: ~9-10”

Spoon width: ~2.25” wide

Spoon Capacity: ~2oz.

*purchase includes one spoon

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