Dead End Wrench Knife

Dead End Wrench Knife


The Dead End Wrench Knife was once a combination wrench. The open end was chopped off and the handle was hand-forged into a knife shape with a curved spine and a slight drop point. The back of the spine features small ridges for your thumb while gripping the knife. The closed end of the wrench is still visible and wide enough to fit a small finger through - for added stability while handling. The handle is made from wrapped 550 parachord - which has be saturated with a low luster lacquer to give it added protection and a satin sheen.

What if you prefer a different color of parachord? No problem. Just send us a quick note and we'll show you what other colors we have.

The blade is given a scandinavian grind - creating a strong, single-bevel cutting wedge. The closed end of the wrench is roughly 11/16" inner diameter.


Cutting edge: 55-58 HRC *Blade is sharpened with a steep convex grind. blade: roughly 3 1/2" long entire knife: roughly 7 1/2" long *each Dead End Wrench knife varies slightly in size and shape due to the hand-forging process.

*purchase includes knife and black leather sheath.

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