The Forager is made for harvesting wild edibles, mushrooms, garden vegetables & herbs, and anything else that grows from the earth. The hawksbill blade makes the forager ideal for the swift cutting of stems, stalks, roots and leaves. It’s also great for pruning - especially garden greens!

The knife features a minimal paracord wrapped handle designed to be simple, strong, lightweight and elegant. The lanyard – made of black paracord and a maple wood bead – helps to get a grip on the handle, acts as a visual aid for seeing the knife, and also looks great as a decorative element. 

The knife fits into a custom fit Saya (wooden protective sheath) made from local maple wood, with a custom “mushroom” stamp. The Saya has a weep hole at the tip, allowing moisture to escape, while the hole at the back is for locking the knife into the sheath with the loose end of the lanyard. Each knife is already fit tightly into the Saya, but having the option to lock it in place will always be there – especially if the fit loosens over time.

*PLEASE practice sustainable foraging techniques!

Knife weight: 3.5 oz.

Knife & saya weight: 5.5 oz.

Blade length: 3.25”

Overall Length: 7.25”

Blade thickness: .166”

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