ReRoot Philosophy


Repurposing and revitalizing discarded materials is a driving force behind ReRoot's business philosophy. Every product under ReRoot is made with at least some – if not all – repurposed materials. Some of these materials were once tools and equipment to begin with.

ReRoot creates goods that get used doing the things we love and live for. ReRoot strives to reconnect us with our human history and relationship to the natural world. By refocusing our attention on these most basic ways of staying rooted to this earth and our past, we hope to lead a life that is more purposeful and fulfilling.  We are inspired by our favorite pastimes in life — include cooking, social gatherings, traveling, exploring, gardening, building, and creating. All of our products were inspired, in part, by our dreams and ideals - and even some of yours.


ReRoot also means to change direction. We reuse, salvage, repurpose, renew, and reinvent – in hopes of reducing our impact on the Earth from which we glean so much already.  This is especially important when confronted with the long lasting impacts of mass-manufacturing, the scale of production waste & disposal, the energy of large scale recycling, and operating sustainably in a post-industrial world.  

This philosophy begs us to reexamine our priorities, reconsider acceptable norms, question what is and what use to be, and to welcome change when change is needed. We think it is important — now, more than ever — to learn to love simplicity, to embrace surface flaws in the pursuit of perfection, and to empower others by operating at the best we are capable of.



All ReRoot products are designed and fabricated by artist & designer Kerry Cesen, currently living and working out of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

Aside from his experience with metal and wood, Kerry also holds a BFA in Illustration, with a concentration in Graphic Design. He has a strong background in visual design that includes extensive experience with interior/exterior mural painting, faux finishing, natural science illustration, hand-lettering, and commercial storyboarding. See more here!