1. root /root/

noun. the basic cause, source, or origin of something.

verb. to establish deeply and firmly.

2. re-route /re'root, re'rout/

verb.  send (someone or something) by or along a different route.

We repurpose and renew salvaged materials to create functional hand-crafted goods.  In the search for simplicity and purpose, ReRoot strives to reconnect with our origins through recovering our history throughout human evolution and by refocusing our attention on the most basic ways of staying rooted to this earth.  ReRoot also means to change direction, to reuse, salvage, repurpose, renew, and reinvent - in hopes of reducing our impact on the Earth from which we glean so much already.  

This philosophy begs us to reexamine our priorities, reconsider acceptable norms, question what is and what use to be, and to welcome change when change is needed. We think it is crucial to embrace - and learn to love - simplicity, to embrace surface flaws in the pursuit of perfection, and to empower others by operating at the best we are capable of.